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Dressing from the Inside Out

Posted: 25th November 2014 by Bruce Smith in General
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SMC Community Ed is excited to offer a new class next spring – “Dressing From the Inside Out© – 7 Steps to a Whole New Look,” to be taught by Julie Greene. Calling herself “The Closet Therapist,” Julie works to make your best self shine through your wardrobe. The following is an excerpt from one […]

Fundraising: Book Excerpt

Posted: 18th November 2014 by Bruce Smith in Campus Snippets
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SMC Comm Ed is pleased to be offering a new class, Fundraising for Nonprofits, next spring, to be taught by fundraising expert Shar McBee. The following is an excerpt from her book, “To Lead is to Serve” (Chapter 8, “Change Your Mind”).  By Shar McBee As we think, so we become. A woman in a […]

A Quick Look at Sumi-e, or 墨絵

Posted: 4th November 2014 by Alice Meyering in Tips & Interests
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Community Education is  excited to introduce a new class in the upcoming winter semester, to add to our already vibrant  selection of art classes.  In a bygone era in China and Japan, the art of Sumi-e is considered a pastime worthy of undertaking by a cultured gentleman or gentlewoman.   Sherry Davis, whose many accomplishments include being an […]