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By Jasmin Quambusch and Philipp Wiedmann The class ‘Basketball for the Rest of Us’ has been a great experience for us, two young Germans spending time in the United States between high school and college! We joined last year for the winter semester and our primary intentions were only to get credits as part of our […]

Student Devin Slatas says that SMC Community Ed Photoshop instructor Greg Van Zuyen not only was the biggest inspiration for her to start her own apparel company, but he also opened a whole new world to her.  By Devin Slatas There is something about going through the motions of getting an education and acknowledging the fact […]

By Susan Bernard For much of my professional life, I have been a writer. And, while I have taken many avocational classes in different disciplines, I had never thought of pursuing the visual arts because as an adult, my drawing skills–which I equated with artistic ability–were childlike, and I didn’t enjoy taking classes in which […]