By Jasmin Quambusch and Philipp Wiedmann

The class ‘Basketball for the Rest of Us’ has been a great experience for us, two young Germans spending time in the United States between high school and college!

Jasmin Quambusch and Philipp Wiedmann

We joined last year for the winter semester and our primary intentions were only to get credits as part of our visa requirements and have fun. As au pairs, who live with a host family and take care of their children, we are involved in a cultural exchange that also requires us to attend college classes. That is the reason we started looking into possible courses we could attend.

Living close to SMC we also studied its schedule and we found ‘Basketball for the Rest of Us.’ We thought that would be the perfect opportunity to get credits while being active and getting to know people thanks to an awesome team sport. It turned out to be definitely the right decision!

We had so much fun that we agreed to come back for a second semester even though we did not need any more credits. The title ‘Basketball for the Rest of Us’ already implies that everyone can join which makes it even more enjoyable. No matter how old, how talented or how active you are, you will perfectly fit in this class.

The friendly, tolerant and non-competitive environment makes it such a unique class, and even wishes and ideas are always welcomed and taken into consideration by the instructor, Richard Hoffman.

Basketball-Group Shot 2-Spring 2015

This great setting even prompted all of us to tell our friends about the class so that there is a great mix of students, employed people and pensioners now.

So if you are looking for a class where you can work out, meet people with similar interests and also have a say in the lesson’s structure – you just found it! We are more than glad that we could be a part of this course for a year and we wish all the members best of luck!

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