As SMC Extension/Community Ed continues to expand its technology-related business course offerings – particularly in cutting-edge technologies – it has scheduled new classes in Google Docs and Slack, which fall into the Age of Edge Computing and Blockchain.

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And the program has turned to an instructor with a combination of business acumen and teaching skill who is passionate about these new technologies.

“I take complex concepts and make them simple for those who don’t have a background in the subject,” says Seth David, who recently taught Excel to a group of SMC employees to excellent reviews. “That is my super power, plain and simple.”

David is, as he describes, the “chief nerd” and President of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. which provides consulting and training services in accounting and productivity based software. Consulting services range from basic bookkeeping to CFO level services such as financial modeling.

David graduated from Pace University in New York in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and has held a variety of positions in several companies, including Biggs & Co., a Santa Monica-based accounting firm specializing in bankruptcy. He has also been a speaker at conferences throughout the nation.

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Can you talk about the growth in document sharing, both in terms of Google Docs and Slack?

We’re getting into the age of Edge Computing and Blockchain technology. This means information has multiple input and output channels. It has to.

There was a time, not long ago, when having the ability to e-mail a file to someone, so they could work on it, and e-mail it back to you, was really efficient. Now it’s archaic.

Document sharing has to happen, and it needs to happen in real time. This means co-authoring, and Google Docs offers that. No other application, not even Microsoft, offers the same kind of real time co-authoring and collaboration capabilities that Google Docs has.

Once we adopt this kind of technology, we start to see the advantages. Not only can I share and collaborate with people in real time, but also I can easily link a document in any other app that I am using with colleagues.

Enter Slack.

Slack is a communications app. Similar to what I described above about document sharing, e-mail used to be a highly efficient form of communication. Now it is incredibly inefficient.

Slack solves that problem. It is a private communications channel, accessible only to the people I’ve shared it with. Spammers can’t get in.

Then Slack has the ability to organize things with Channels, Pins and Stars. This makes it very easy to organize, categorize, and easily reference information when I need it later.

So I can link a Google document in a channel in Slack. Five people from different parts of the country can access that document and discuss it in Slack. It’s incredibly efficient, especially when I am looking for information long after my independent recollection of what was discussed, and where, is gone.

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Why are your classes important?

These classes are important because they speak to how we are beginning to communicate and what the future of business communication looks like. There is a paradigm shift, and the changes are happening fast. It will be challenging for some to keep up.

These classes will help with that. Using these products is not rocket science. Once people see how to use these applications, they will get it. There are people like me who love to dive in and learn these apps, and then there are people who don’t have the patience. People like me figure out the right solutions to the right problems, and then we can listen to people explain what they need to do, so we can recommend the right solutions.

What kinds of people are Google Docs and Slack important for?

They’re definitely important for small business owners, as well as for people in the workplace.

There are personal uses too. Recently I turned a client onto Slack. He’d never heard of it before. A couple of weeks later, he sent me a message in Slack, thanking me for introducing it to him. He explained that he started using it with his fiancee and their wedding planner.

Seth David will teach How to Use Google Docs beginning Sept. 16. His Slack Communication Workshop is scheduled for Oct. 6. He will also teach Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel 2013 for the PC – Creating Spreadsheets on Nov. 4.

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