By Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education


Some people might think that the game of Bridge is a relic of the past, a ritual of 1950s- and 1960s-era housewives.

On the contrary, Bridge – the “live” version, not computer or online games – is alive and well. In fact, enthusiasts around the world have established highly structured organizations around the card game.

And nobody knows more about this than Candace “Candy” Scott, who not only teaches Beginning and Intermediate Bridge classes at Community Ed, she also offers “Candy’s Bridge Club” through the program.

Candys Bridge Club crpd

Scott, who has been teaching Bridge since 1980 to students ranging from 8 to 105 years old, is very active in the rarefied world of the game – and has received honors for her game skills and volunteerism.

“The American Contract Bridge League is made up of 26 Districts. Los Angeles is District 23 and I am the Corresponding and Recording Secretary,” Scott says. “I am a Gold life Master, a Certified Bridge teacher and a member of the National Goodwill Committee.”

Her honors have included Volunteer of the Year and Player of the Year.

Though Bridge is a big part of her life, she has many other interests and achievements.

“I love to cook and am proud to have been the editor of a cookbook of 30 years of recipes from Bridge players of the Los Angeles District,” she says. “I would love to give any student a copy of my labor of love.”

She continues, “I have learned American Sign Language and have been given the Mordichai Award for being a hearing person who is a liaison between the deaf and hearing communities. I have worked with the Los Angeles Mayor’s office in their yearly Deaf Festival with a booth where deaf and hearing children and their families can interact.”

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