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Posted: 26th August 2014 by Alice Meyering in General
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After months of working and planning, we are finally  launching our very own Community Education blog, MindSpace. This blog is our latest enterprise to complement our promotional efforts in social media, and it also provides an additional platform for our students and instructors to share class experiences as well as achievements.

 If you are a reader of our sister publication, Sound Bites, you may remember that we created a visual exhibition of our student works at Bundy earlier this year, which received a great deal of positive feedback from the community. The success of our student exhibition prompted me to look into creating another platform to showcase other student bodies of work, such as those produced in our very robust writing program.

 MindSpace is modeled on the multi-author blogs (MABs), where many contributors participate in the content creation of the blog. At this early stage, the nature of our blog is fluid, and what I would like to see is where our Community Education members will take it. As individuals continue to nurture and contribute to it, its personality will emerge, and I can’t wait to see what this blog will grow up to be.

 If you are reading this, MindSpace is for you, and we would like to hear from you. Our submission guideline is very simple: participants need to be part of the Community Education program, and all anecdotes or written works should have originated in, or be associated with, Community Education classes, with a limit of 500 words, give or take. This is a space committed to a meeting of minds through sharing, and by sharing we hope to form a strong sense of community that all can rely on for joy, support, and aspiration.

 To me, this blog is like a newborn babe, fresh and bright-eyed, full of possibilities, and only sky is the limit – but it takes a village. Let’s use this space to share the work you are proud of, little exchanges that warmed your heart in class, or funny happenstances on campus in general.

Whatever it is, your piece, along with so many others, will form a picture of what Community Education is all about, and you might just be surprised how delighted you’ll be by that picture. I look forward to your input and encourage you to be part of it today!

  1. Bob Cohen says:

    Looking forward to using the blog to share class experiences. I will encourage students in my Blogging for Fun and Profit classes to read and comment!

  2. G. Bruce Smith says:

    Great to see SMC Community Education launch a blog! As you say, this blog is full of new possibilities! Bravo!

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