Photo by Ailin Blour

In January, SMC Community Ed entered into a fruitful relationship with SMC Fashion program instructors who asked us to offer classes to supplement their academic classes that are crucial to fashion industry training, to existing students as well as interested members of the public.

Four months later, the SMC Fashion Department held its highly anticipated and stunningly creative annual fashion show, LA MODE 2018 – and SMC Community Ed was pleased to have contributed in the stellar event.

See more photos from the LA MODE 2018

“We’ve been offering two classes, Tech Pack and Commercial Sewing Bootcamp, both taught by wonderful instructors from the academic program,” said Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education. “Fashion students from the main campus have been able to take our classes, not only for their careers but also to help them prepare their garments for LA MODE.

Photo by Jeff Bynum

“I was blown away by the student creations I saw at the fashion show, many of which held great potential to one day be on a Paris or New York runway,” Meyering said.

Then, in another synergistic connection, SMC photography students took the images of the show that are included in this article.

Photo by Ailin Blour

“SMC Community Ed has had a long and rewarding relationship with the academic Photography program – several of their instructors have taught our successful classes for decades,” Meyering said. And, interestingly, Photography and Fashion are combined into one academic department.

“I am thrilled that we now have a stake, however modest, in LA MODE, which displays the incredible works of our future designers. And I expect to continue to have a fantastic relationship with the Photography and Fashion Department,” Meyering said. “It’s particularly rewarding to see how students are able to benefit from our program as well as the for-credit program, and how we are often able to feed students into the academic classes.”

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