By Michelle King, Director of Career & Contract Education

With Thanksgiving just two days away, it’s a good time to reflect on Community Education’s year thus far – and pause to give thanks to:

1. Our dedicated students who look to our program semester after semester for their lifelong learning needs.

2. Our wonderful instructors who have stayed with us through thick and thin, and weathered this year’s tremendous challenges.

We are thankful for our dedicated instructors and students, in this case Ed Mangus with a photography student.

3. Our incredible Program Coordinator. Alice Meyering, whose perseverance in the face of adversities ensured our program continues for our beloved community.

4. Our new programs, such as 3D printing, continue to succeed and to be valued by our students.

5. The continued support of the Dean of Workforce and Economic Development Patricia G. Ramos, Ed.D.

Patricia G. Ramos

6. Our community partners, AUMT, Ed2Go and SimpliLearn, whose partnership has allowed us to expand career-training opportunities.

7. Our Web Designer, PJ Abode, who has taken a personal interest in renewed efforts to promote Ed2Go, our online class offerings. His dedication to this goal has paid off handsomely in record registration numbers.

8. Our bright and energetic student workers who help us operate effectively.

9. Our Vice President of Academic Affairs Georgia Lorenz, who listens to our requests and makes efforts to strengthen and support the program.

10. The SMC Board of Trustees, whose members consistently express their appreciation of Community Ed and who actively promote “Lifelong Learning” throughout the community.

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