Lee Broda has many voices – as an actor, film and television writer, film producer, songwriter and poet. And she has honed her skill and artistry as a poet in SMC Community Ed poetry instructor Betzi Richard’s classes – which helped her shape her just released book of verse, “Whispers from the Moon.”

Lee Broda reads from her newly published book of verse, “Whispers from the Moon.”

Even The Walls Cry Your Name

even the walls cry your name 
at night—
they miss you.

they miss the pictures I hid, 
the ones that told our story,
shoved into a drawer 
with all our memories
that are still alive,
breathing inside of me,
clinging to every cell, 
every room still smells of you,
refusing to fade.

this house was once our home,
now it is a stranger—
cold, unfamiliar and distant,
just like you. 

A native of Israel, she moved to the U.S. after her military service in 2006, having already performed as a dancer and actor in her home country. In Los Angeles she danced professionally, paying her way through L.A. City College’s Theater Academy.

That led to a career in acting, writing, casting and producing, and in 2015 she founded her own film production company, LB Entertainment, which specializes in developing, financing, and producing independent films. LB Entertainment has produced more than 30 feature films, including Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter (starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder); The Trust (Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood); and The Forgiven (Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana) and Matthew Heineman’s A Private War, which was nominated for two Golden Globes Awards in 2019. LB Entertainment’s movies have premiered in the world’s top film festivals including Sundance, Venice, Toronto, Tribeca, SXSW, BFI, and New York Film Festival and have been distributed worldwide, garnering international recognition and many awards.

Lee Broda

The Santa Monica resident has been writing poetry since she was 12, but became more serious about it in her early 20s. About two years ago, she enrolled for the first time in Richardson’s poetry class, and is currently taking her fourth class.

“I had started working on a poetry book, and I felt I needed to step up my game,” she said. “The class keeps me on my toes. I get exposed to new poets and I work with Betzi privately outside the classroom to edit and refine my work.”

The classes have helped her develop her skills and gain confidence as a poet.

“I like that we get to workshop our poems in class and get feedback,” she said. “And our homework gets my creative juices flowing. And we get exposed to different poets. For example, I discovered Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner Wistawa Szymborska, and I probably never would have heard of her if not for Betzi’s class.”

“Whispers from the Moon,” published in December, includes about 100 poems, which she describes as “visceral prose touching on the inspiring quality of love and the sometime-ugliness of relationships that can break us to pieces. The book covers heartbreak, loss, insecurity, love, family, and explores a true relationship to self.”

The Vow

I promise to honor
the woman in me,
even when poison pours from her lips,
searing holes of insecurity
into her beautiful skin

I will embrace her deeply, 
even when regret
and past failures
on the walls of her mind

I will love her fully, 
even when her heart
shrinks in fear
and shuts me out

I promise to put her first,
heal her wounds of love,
the burn marks on her soul
from far too many disappointments

I will water her with light, 
feed her kindness,
kiss her scars,
bathe her with love,

until death do us part 

“As a poet, Lee Broda is a ‘natural,'” Richardson said. “She was already in tune with her own voice, connected to and speaking from the depth of her own experience, and aware of her contemporaries, other influential poets of the moment. Toward her own poetry Lee was strongly self-motivated; she worked hard; she sought out, listened to, and incorporated objective feedback—and the result is a beautiful first book of poems, potentially the beginning of a life-time of serious, evolving poetic accomplishment.”

Broda said she has also been inspired by themes of women’s empowerment, the MeToo movement, nature and travel.

She hopes to release her second book of poetry, “Facing North,” at the beginning of 2020.

“I write every day,” she said, “and life evolves and shifts, which influences my work and voice as an artist constantly. I want to see how this new year unfolds, before I’m ready to release the new book and share it with the world.”

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