_MG_0844 (Photo by Piero Desopo)

By Alice Meyering

Our photography students are amazing! And they get to shoot all over Los Angeles County, thanks to the photo safaris we offer that are led by our talented instructors.

Case in point: Our “On the Street with Your Camera” class this summer, taught by Ed Mangus, took students to sites ranging from the Santa Monica Pier to the historic Union Station in downtown L.A.

The following are some very cool images taken by students when they went to the stunning Disney Concert Hall. Each viewed the iconic structure – and the people in and around it – from unique perspectives.Inspired by these pictures?  You can participate too! Tell us a story, with text or photos or both, right here on this blog, at Submissions. . . DisneyHall_2 smaller Photo by Aaron De La Torre DSC_0070 Photo by Thabo Ntweng DSC_0160 Photo by Divina Sanchez

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