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NOTE: SMC Community Ed has a more detailed story on student poet John Young in our monthly newsletter, Sound Bites. The following is an excerpt from that article with an additional poem not included in the Sound Bites article. The thin line that often separates genius from madness, or bursts of brilliant creativity from severe […]

By Jasmin Quambusch and Philipp Wiedmann The class ‘Basketball for the Rest of Us’ has been a great experience for us, two young Germans spending time in the United States between high school and college! We joined last year for the winter semester and our primary intentions were only to get credits as part of our […]

Basic Mindfulness & Goosebumps

Posted: 26th May 2015 by Bruce Smith in General
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By Betzi Richardson (The following is an excerpt from an essay by Betzi Richardson, who will be teaching a “Basic Mindfulness” class at SMC Community Ed June 24-July 29. Here, she speaks about the approach of her own Mindfulness primary teacher, Shinzen Young, with whom she has studied since 1995.) Shinzen has named his approach […]