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In January, SMC Community Ed entered into a fruitful relationship with SMC Fashion program instructors who asked us to offer classes to supplement their academic classes that are crucial to fashion industry training, to existing students as well as interested members of the public. Four months later, the SMC Fashion Department held its highly anticipated […]

SMC Extension/Community Education’s exciting new fashion program taps into a vibrant national industry that contributes billions of dollars to the economy each year in both the nation and in Los Angeles, the second largest fashion center in the U.S. LA Mode 2016, SMC’s annual student fashion show And one aspect of this important economic sector […]

By Michelle King Director of Career & Contract Education It might be autumn for you, but it’s feeling wintry in my office – because we’re all thinking about Winter Session 2018 and planning for our Open House in February 2018. And the plans are exciting. Check out our terrific offerings – more than 80 classes in all – […]

Dressing from the Inside Out

Posted: 25th November 2014 by Bruce Smith in General
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SMC Community Ed is excited to offer a new class next spring – “Dressing From the Inside Out© – 7 Steps to a Whole New Look,” to be taught by Julie Greene. Calling herself “The Closet Therapist,” Julie works to make your best self shine through your wardrobe. The following is an excerpt from one […]