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Painting instructor Todd Carpenter did not take the typical route to become an artist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in Psychobiology and a Master’s degree from UC San Diego in Neuroscience. After college, he spent seven years as a product engineer and head of R&D at a medical products company in […]

Spanish instructor Cecilia Dighero has had an extraordinary life – as a Fulbright Scholar, teacher, interpreter, United Nations worker and wife of a successful actor-playwright with whom she had many adventures. And despite the very recent loss of her husband of 30 years, Ron House, she continues to teach Spanish I and Spanish II with […]

By Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education Instructor Susan Ryza has pulled on her Peace Corps work with Salvadoran craftspeople to teach a wide variety of jewelry and crafts to students of virtually every age, finding great rewards at many levels. SMC Community Ed just published a profile of Susan in our monthly […]

There is no more powerful motivator than hunger. Just ask Dr. Sinclair Rimmon, whose impoverished childhood in pre-World War II Warsaw was frequented by hunger, but which launched him on an extraordinary life journey and career that is filled with accomplishments and service to others. Rimmon, who has been teaching Import/Export classes at SMC Community […]