By PJ Abode
 "I have been taking classes at Community Ed for the past 10 years and they have been wonderful learning opportunities." 
T. Whitiker – S.M.
 Delightfully educational, entertaining and beautifully organized! Don't change a thing! Best language class I have ever taken! 
A. Cameron – Spanish Level I
 Everyone enjoyed the class -- everyone was equal taking turns & acting. 
Libby C. — Commercial Improv & Filming
 Charlotte is comfortable, witty and completely engaging -- This is the best way to learn! 
Elizabeth S. — Landscape Design
 Brian is very patient with us beginners! We learned a lot. FUN! 
Lisa P. — Cell Phone Photography
 Was really good! 
Franny F. — Landscape Design
 Overall I enjoyed the class. 
Mista L. — Real Estate Practice
 "Super great class and instructor. Will recommend to many!" 
Michael B. – Adobe Photoshop (Level 1)
 Teacher was highly capable, clear and always entertaining. 
Tamar D. — Adobe Photoshop (Level 1)
 Ms. Chen’s class was both enjoyable and informative. She provided individual instruction designed to meet each student’s interest and was most generous with materials and information. I hope there will be other opportunities to continue learning more about Asian Printmaking with Charlotte Chen. 
Yvonne B. — Asian Printmaking