You. On Stage. Comedy Store!

Posted: 14th October 2014 by Bruce Smith in Tips & Interests

By Alice Meyering

How many times have people told you, “You’re so funny you should be a stand-up comic?” Well, now you can hone your talent and wit – and graduate at the famous Comedy Store in Hollywood!

SMC Stand-Up. Comedy Store. Out front photo 1 small

Students celebrating post show in front of the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip. (Instructor and funny man Jonathan Leigh Solomon in center.)

Jonathan Leigh Solomon’s next “Stand Up Comedy Workshop With Comedy Store Graduation” begins Oct. 23 and culminates in the Comedy Store graduation performance on Dec. 4.

His last class performed at the venue Friday, Sept. 5 in front of a sold-out house! A total of 14 comics performed, including the current class and alumni from previous Jonathan workshops, some of whom are now Comedy Store regulars!

In attendance were family, friends and a potpourri of L.A.’s best working comics and comedy aficionados who look forward to seeing the great new talent always featured when another one of Jonathan’s SMC workshops makes its debut at the Comedy Store.

SMC Stand-Up _In the Green Room_ at the Comedy Store

Students backstage in the Comedy Store “green room” before taking the stage. 

You can see from the photos how much fun the students had – and how thrilling it must have been to make people laugh – the best medicine of all.

So tell us, who are some of your favorite comedians? Ellen De Generes? Chris Rock? Jerry Seinfeld?

Who knows, some day you might be the new Ellen, Chris or Jerry.

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